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Video Tutorials

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AtoZdatabases Tutorials

Find more videos and tutorials on AtoZdatabases’ YouTube Channel.

Introduction VideoAll Database Overview
Find a Business OverviewFind a Person Overview


EBSCOHost Tutorials

Find even more videos and tutorials on EBSCO Information Services’ YouTube Channel.

Basic SearchEBSCOhost Advanced Searching
Explora History Reference Center
How to Search for Read-alikes in NoveList5 Ways Power Users Search NoveList
Auto Repair Reference Center
EBSCO eBooks


Mango Languages Tutorials

Find more videos and tutorials on Mango Language’s YouTube Channel.

Mango Languages TutorialMango Languages in Action
Mango Languages, ESL & Literacy at the LibraryMango Methodology – Intuitive Language Construction
Speak Like A Pirate…new pirate language course


World Book Tutorials

Find more videos and tutorials on World Book’s YouTube Channel.

Introducing the New World Book Kids!World Book Web Student